SFN Investments Group is the holding company of a group of noticeable companies and has aggressive plans for further developing its service offerings and maintaining it.

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Our Vision

We seek opportunities and make them a reality, and in the process grow our communities and our nation. Tomorrow’s manufacturers, distributors, retailers and employer will have a home because today’s entrepreneurs have the daring and vision to foresee their needs.

As SFN Investments, We believe that we are that company.

What we do

We currently offer a myriad of transport services within the region of East London and ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive liability and insurance offerings. Take a look at our options below


Why hire a 15 seater vehicle for 6 people or less - For Long distance / Staff transport / Localized tours ? Avanza is at your convenience.

Luggage trailer on request.

Quantum 1

Need staff transport for those night shifts ? Get in touch with us for a tailored service and lets grow together.

Quantum 2

Long distances/Tours/Organized Groups are our thing, get in touch with us to hire.

We are 100% B-BBEE Status Level 1 Verified

Our Team

Our highly motivated staff is one of our biggest assets. Our philosophy is one of gradual and continuous improvement of everything we do. We are engaged not only in the transport of people from point A to B, but in creating pleasant, comfortable and safe trip experiences.

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